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100 Days from Election Day

July 29, 2019

Dear Friend,

Yesterday marked a critically important milestone of the 2019 campaign cycle–we are now officially less than 100 days away from Election Day! Now is the time donate.

As Chair of the Senate Women’s Healthcare caucus, I have promised aspiring woman candidates to do everything I can to help them challenge Republicans. The backward agenda of the Republicans has stymied our efforts to pass family friendly legislation.

Issues such as raising the minimum wage, guaranteeing equal pay for equal work and implementing paid family leave are repeatedly defeated. I fully expect bills such as the “heart-beat” bill and other personally intrusive legislation to be introduced in the Senate, if things do not change. Climate change will continue to be denied and the NRA will prevent sensible -gun safety legislation. Please help.

Because of you, I’ve been able to make needed investments with both money and staff to help candidates such as Ghazala Hashmi, Amy Laufer, and Missy Smasal. Their message is resonating and excitement is building but more dollars are needed to reach potential voters. This election cycle is an off-off year, so candidates must spend the dollars to turn out the vote.

While we are off to a strong start, more work needs to be done. Join this effort for positive, progressive change. Please click here to donate. Together, we can do this!