Why You Should Vote in the 2019 Election

The 2019 Virginia Elections will be the most impactful elections in the State for the next decade. The party that gains control of the General Assembly will preside over the 2021 redistricting decisions. The Democrats have committed to passing a bill that would establish an independent redistricting commission. We cannot allow Republicans to gerrymander Virginians into a decade of allegiances with the NRA and climate change deniers. 

The Democratic candidates are running on platforms that would improve access to affordable healthcare, implement common-sense gun safety laws, address climate change issues and reform our criminal justice system.  Teacher pay increases, smaller class sizes and affordable higher education options are all coming to fruition because of Democratic lawmakers. But more needs to be done.  Our gay brothers and sisters need equal protections under the law, and women need to control their own bodies.

We all know it is time for progress. The most powerful message you can send is through your vote. Virginians and the nation have a vested interest in what happens this November. Thanks for caring and vote on November 5th. For information on how to vote, click here



Barbara Favola is a strong advocate on issues important to children, families, wage-earners and the environment. She has spent her career championing the progressive values we share. Among other Committee assignments, she chairs the Women's Health Care Caucus in the Senate.

Senator Favola represents parts of Arlington, Fairfax and Loudoun and has been a leader on the Arlington County Board and on various Northern Virginia regional commissions. She fights for the things that matter to us.



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