Senator Favola understands that Northern Virginians spend hours in their cars commuting back and forth to work everyday. As a member of the Senate Transportation Committee, she will continue to work to come up with new and innovative ways to improve our roads and decrease commuter times. She also believes it is important to focus on greener transportation methods such as public transit and to identify a dedicated source of revenue to achieve a safe and reliable metro system throughout the region.

Metrorail Safety Commission Interstate Compact: Senator Favola in collaboration with other members of the transportation committee worked to pass a compact, which authorizes Virginia to become a signatory to the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission Interstate Compact. The compact establishes a safety oversight authority for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). It does contain an emergency clause, which means it won’t go into effect until the State of Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Congress all approve the Compact. The bill includes measures necessary to better ensure the safety of riders and employees, including safety in the event of a homeland security emergency in the national capital area; and financial and operational improvements necessary to ensure that WMATA’s performance is at least as efficient as its closest comparable transit systems in the United States.

Supporting Dulles Airport: Senator Favola was an effective advocate to ensure that Dulles Airport received a $50 million allocation to offset expenses associated with keeping this airport a major national and international hub.  Airports from around Virginia advocated for this funding because so many connecting flights go through Dulles. Dulles is a major economic engine for the region and the State.

I-66 Expansion: Senator Favola was part of the deal that negotiated expanding I-66 from I-495 inside the beltway heading east. The Senator understands how important it is to improve commuting options for her constituents.