Trump Rolls Back Protections Against Campus Sexual Assault–Help!

Dear Friend,

Throughout my legislative career, I worked to empower survivors of campus sexual assaults and make perpetrators accountable for their actions.  In 2015, I crafted legislation that required campus officials to involve police in the investigation of founded allegations of sexual assaults and mandated that more services be available to survivors.

These bills passed in a bi-partisan fashion and they created a catalyst for change.  Campuses throughout the Commonwealth responded by implementing:  

  • Programs that emphasized “No Means No” as part of routine orientation programs; and
  • Zero tolerance policies for sexual harassment were becoming commonplace.

But now President Trump and his Dep’t of Education want to roll back this progress.  Please help me stop this rollback.  Join the fight.  Donate Now.

Our sons and daughters deserve a safe and healthy learning environment.  Yet, Trump is proposing to:

  • Narrow the definition of sexual harassment,
  • Require a campus response only if the alleged sexual assault takes place “on campus;” and,
  • Permit the accused and the survivor to cross examine each other.

We must not let Trump silence those who have suffered sexual harassment and sexual assaults.  If he wins, we are all silenced.  It is our time and our quest.  Be part of the change.  Donate whatever you can. 

Thank you, in advance, for your help.


Senator Barbara Favola   

31st District - Representing Parts of Arlington, Fairfax & Loudoun