Paris Agreement – Tell Trump “Mother Earth Matters!”

Dear Friend,

We are all disappointed over President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.  This was a stupid and short-sighted decision.  It was not in the best interest of the United States or Mother Earth!

We cannot accept this decision.

Now is the time to live by that old adage: “We must be the change we want to see.”  

Governor McAuliffe has said that he will join with other states to create larger markets in which carbon permits could be bought and sold.  These larger markets would provide companies with more emission-cutting opportunities in which to invest.  Join me in asking our statewide candidates to commit to this approach and other carbon emission reduction strategies.  This is too important to not take action!

I need you to stand with me in making Virginia a leader in combating global warming and climate change.  Please donate to this effort. We must not be losers in Trump’s game of playing to his “base.”

Thank you for caring.


Senator Barbara Favola   

31st District - Representing Parts of Arlington, Fairfax & Loudoun