Stand up for your values: Vote Tuesday, Nov. 7

Tuesday, Nov. 7, is Election Day.  Polls are open 6 a.m. until 7 p.m.  Please exercise your civic duty and VOTE.  Your family and friends are depending on YOU!  I am supporting Ralph Northam and the entire Democratic ticket in this election and I ask you to join me. This is why:

Virginia’s Future with Ralph Northam & the Democrats

Ralph Northam will work to ensure that economic security is a reality for Virginia families.  Ralph will lead efforts to include everyone in a 21st century economy, an economy with good paying jobs and access to first-class public schools, affordable healthcare and college or job-training opportunities.  Ralph Northam will create a more inclusive Virginia, a Virginia that welcomes our LGBTQ friends, new immigrants, and individuals of all faiths and backgrounds.  Ralph trusts women to make their own healthcare decisions and will ensure access to safe and legal abortions.  Ralph Northam would create a cleaner and healthier Virginia, a Virginia we could be proud to leave to our children.

Virginia’s Future with Ed Gillespie & the Republicans

Mr. Gillespie has said that violent crimes can be blamed on immigrants and distorted the facts behind a historic restoration of voting rights championed by Governor McAuliffe.  In Gillespie’s Virginia, a woman’s right to a safe and legal abortion would be eroded and health clinics would be closed.  Expanding Medicaid would not be a priority for Mr. Gillespie.  Instead, Gillespie would entangle Virginia in whatever flavor of healthcare President Trump is promoting at the moment.  Virginians would lose state dollars for public education because of tax-cuts promoted by Gillespie.  

The vision Ralph Northam offers is very different from the Republican agenda of fear, divisiveness, and government interference in our personal lives.  

The message we send on November 7 will be seen by the pundits as a referendum on Trump.  Need I say anything else?  Please make a plan for when you will vote on Tuesday.  Call your family, friends and colleagues to remind them to vote.  This is the most important action you can take to secure a brighter future for your children and the Commonwealth.  Thanks for caring.


Barbara Favola

31st District - Representing Parts of Arlington, Fairfax & Loudoun