Growing the Economy & Creating Jobs

Senator Favola knows that children and families thrive when breadwinners earn enough to take care of their families.  Barbara has fought for a living wage and as a member of the Arlington County Board, she ensured that County contracts were issued to businesses willing to pay a living wage.  Senator Favola is a strong partner with local labor organizations.  She vigorously defends Project Labor Agreements (PLA), reminding folks that PLAs enable employers to require certain quality and safety standards within a designated budget.  Senator Favola proudly notes that the first phase of the Silver Line Metro extension was build on-time and within budget as a result of a PLA.

Public Education

Funding K-12 education is the best investment the Commonwealth can make. The State must honor its partnership with local governments in this important area. As our communities grow, so do classroom sizes. Senator Favola serves on the Joint Committee to Study the Future of Public Elementary and Secondary Education in the Commonwealth. In this role, she is working to reduce the number of SOLs and to grant school districts the flexibility to create more relevant ways to measure academic progress. Senator Favola will work to provide adequate State funding to support a low teacher-student ratio and improve teacher pay.

One CommunitY for everyone

Senator Favola is committed to creating communities that are welcoming and inclusive. She vigorously fights against legislation that would draw local governments into the role of policing for the Federal Immigration & Customs Agency. Senator Favola is a strong advocate for enabling "dreamers" to attend public colleges & universities at the in-state tuition rate. Barbara values the cultural, ethnic and religious diversity in the Northern Virginia area. She believes every individual should be treated with dignity and respect. Senator Favola is a frequent visitor to the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAM) Center. 

Non-Partisan Re-Districting

Senator Favola strongly believes that better laws would pass if law makers have an incentive to compromise.  This will only happen if districts are drawn in a non-partisan fashion so the political composition of districts is more balanced between Republicans and Democrats.  In these scenarios, politicians would be required to develop more moderate and common-sense solutions to problems.

Women's Health

As a breast cancer survivor, Barbara knows first-hand how important it is to make women's health a priority.  She is a lifelong pro-choice advocate who has worked hard to make mammograms affordable, to protect a woman's right to choose and to end domestic violence.  Senator Favola chairs the Women's Health Care Caucus in the Senate, which fights for improved access to health care and workplace equality for Virginia's women. Barbara knows we have so much more to do, and she will continue to be a champion for women in Richmond. 

Paid Family Leave

Senator Favola believes that paid family leave strengthens family ties. Such a program would help create a safety net for our children and seniors, in addition to enabling Virginians to better balance the demands of family and work responsibilities. She has asked the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry to study elements critical to a paid family leave program such as; which employers would be affected, how many days would be granted and should funding come from a payroll tax or other revenue streams. Senator Favola will continue to fight for us on this important issue.

Environment & Green Jobs

During Barbara’s tenure as a member and Chair of the Northern Virginia Regional Commission, she fought to clean up the Chesapeake Bay and bring green technologies to our communities by encouraging sustainable office buildings. Creating green jobs and increasing the utilization of sustainable resources are issues that the Commonwealth needs to focus on and Senator Favola brings her important regional experience to this conversation.

Human rights - LGBTQ Rights

Senator Favola is a strong advocate for human rights. She believes that individuals, regardless of who they are, where they come from or who they might love are entitled to the protections granted under the U.S. Constitution. Senator Favola has worked tirelessly to create a welcoming environment for our LGBTQ neighbors and friends. She understands the importance of laws that permit same-sex marriages and embraces them. As a local official, she championed anti-employment discrimination policies. Now, Senator Favola is the leading advocate in the Senate for changing the State’s Hate Crimes Statute to include protections for those harmed because of their sexual orientation or sexual identification.

Gun Violence Prevention

Senator Favola will continue to champion common-sense gun safety laws. It is heartbreaking that bills she has sponsored and advocated for repeatedly failed in a General Assembly controlled by Republican majorities, even though theses bills would have saved lives. The people of Virginia should be able to work, shop and recreate without fear of mass shootings and other forms of random gun violence. Our children should be safe while attending school. Our law enforcement officers need additional tools to ensure public safety, such as red flag legislation. A red flag law would empower judges to order removal of a firearm from possession of an individual shown to be a danger to himself or others. Senator Favola understands that a balance must be reached between gun ownership rights and gun safety laws, but the status quo is unacceptable and 80 percent of Virginians agree. Join the fight to make Virginia a place where senseless gun violence is no longer a daily reality.