Education (K-12)

Senator Favola is a strong advocate for funding K-12 public education.  She understands the importance of small class sizes and values the contributions of teachers.  Senator Favola continuously works to improve teacher-pay and reduce the number of SOLs.  She understands that a student’s progress must be measured by more than one test.  Senator Favola has also championed initiatives to make our schools safer.

Anti-bullying Bill: Schools must establish anti-bullying policies, including policies addressing cyber bullying.

Public Charter School Authorization: Enables local public school systems to create a public charter school in cases where an existing public school is converted. Students who attended existing public schools, and their siblings, shall be given first priority at these public charter schools. 

Teacher Evaluation:  Senator Favola worked with the Virginia Education Association to  extend from 5 business days to 10 business days before a teacher must decide to appeal an evaluation.

Speed limits in School Zones: Allows counties in Planning District 8 to increase or decrease the speed limits on State owned roads in school zones; current law allows cities and towns to do so.